In the health area, working with prevention is a synonym of innovation.

We have been in the market for over 30 years as a human vaccines and medical-hospital products distributor, in partnership with the largest laboratories in the world, what allows us to bring to the Brazilian market the most modern and innovative products to our clients.

   Office Porto Alegre   

Striving for excellence in products and services, our technical staff is composed by specialists with degrees in several different areas of knowledge. We have a complete portfolio distributed along the head office and its subsidiaries, located in strategic places in the country. The company’s physical structure has been projected to guarantee compliance with specifications defined by the manufacturers of the products that are distributed.

Our suppliers and carriers are qualified and periodically audited, aiming to guarantee that the products get to the client in ideal temperature and storage conditions. Our foam packaging obeys strict international standards of quality, and it has been developed with high density raw materials, which preserve the temperature for more time and protects the products from damage, being it a differential in pharmaceutical logistics.

   Office Campinas   

Antechamber, specially built to prevent the exchange of temperature between the stored product and its package manufacturing, with controlled temperature and humidity.

Our products packaging process is qualified by Valida Laboratory, from Grupo Polar, a world reference in Packaging Qualification Studies for thermosensitive products.

We have an electrical energy substation and our own power generator, which has the capacity of producing energy for up to 120 hours.

Our Causes

Pequena Casa da Criança (Little Child’s House)

We sponsor Pequena Casa da Criança. Seeking to promote human development and social inclusion, Pequena Casa da Criança develops socio-educational actions. Nato, our mascot, is constantly present at the activities in the house.

Peace Culture though Music Project

Promoted by Pequena Casa da Criança, it provides art and culture to children and youths from Vila Maria da Conceição. We support the project, which is also supported by Criança Esperança.

Judo at Little Child’s House

Promoting sport as a practice of discipline, physical and mental development and socio-cultural inclusion is our goal when sponsoring judo classes to 140 children from Pequena Casa da Criança. Would you like to know if it brings any good results? You are invited to watch the classes in the house.

Athlete Bruna Letícia

We believe in sport as the backbone of social and human development. Because of that, we sponsor the athlete Bruna Letícia Gonçalves Silva, Jiu-Jitsu champion of PUCRS Copa Prime, in the Super Heavy category, If we want a better future, it is our duty to support the ones who make a difference.

Geração Futuro

Believing in the development of human talent is the reason why we support the Project “Geração Futuro” (Future Generation). The project, that was created by the physical educator Felipe Rosa de Quadros in 2011, provides free judo classes to the children assisted by Educandário São Luis, an institution located in Porto Alegre. Through this sponsorship the young athletes have had broader access to competitions and the achievements have been even more present in the lives of these high performance students.

Top Citizenship

We are a Top Citizenship company, a prize given by ABRH to companies that demonstrably make a difference to improve the social development of the communities in which they are inserted.

Top Human Being

We are a Top Human Being company, a prize given by ABRH to companies that have different practices in people management.


Contributing with social causes is one of our values.

The programs At One With Everything and Transmitting Good integrate employees, company and community for mutual development.

The program aims to preserve the environment through daily internal actions. Saving water and energy, reducing the use of paper, separating garbage and correctly disposing batteries and ink cartridges are some of these actions, constantly encouraged at Imunosul.

More than wishing the good for every member of our team, at Imunosul we seek to encourage the practice of doing good. Campaigns to collect winter clothes, school supplies, books and recycled paper mobilize employees and their families to support the ones in need.


Rua Silva Jardim, 408

Mont Serrat

Porto Alegre - RS


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  • Imunosul Vacinas Humanas